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Contact Chisa Cofield  Chisa Cofield Assistant Principal, APEIS
Contact Paula Paulino  Paula Paulino Assistant Principal
Contact Maria Rosas "Maya"  Maria Rosas "Maya" (323) 234-9045 Principal
Office Staff
Contact Carla Payton  Carla Payton School Administrative Assistant
Contact Annette Gamboa  Annette Gamboa Psychologist
Contact Erika Jacome Flores  Erika Jacome Flores PSA
Parent Center
Contact Maria Lea  Maria Lea Community Representative

Staff Directory

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We have a wonderful and talented staff. Their dedication to our students is what makes our school so great. Blue denotes web page link!

Contact Cecilia Alejandre  Cecilia Alejandre Teacher, PAL
Contact Jacqueline Cruz  Jacqueline Cruz Teacher, PAL
Contact Lizbeth Martinez  Lizbeth Martinez Teacher, SDC 4th/5th
Contact Elva Ortega  Elva Ortega Teacher, PSC
Contact Paul Sarmiento  Paul Sarmiento Teacher, PCC
Contact Mayra Calzadillas  Mayra Calzadillas Teacher
Contact Teresa Medina  Teresa Medina Teacher
Contact Paul Sarmiento  Paul Sarmiento Teacher, PCC
Contact Denise Williams  Denise Williams Teacher
Contact Ingrid Castro  Ingrid Castro Teacher
Contact Jennifer Kang  Jennifer Kang Teacher
Contact Francisco Rendon  Francisco Rendon Teacher
Contact Miguel Zuñiga  Miguel Zuñiga Teacher
1st Grade
Contact Blanca Amezcua  Blanca Amezcua Teacher
Contact Pedro Cantoran  Pedro Cantoran Teacher
Contact Marie Santos-Avila  Marie Santos-Avila Teacher
Contact Rebecca Sim  Rebecca Sim Teacher
2nd Grade
Contact Yesenia Hainer  Yesenia Hainer Teacher
Contact Ofelia Hamada  Ofelia Hamada Teacher
Contact Claudia Rodriguez  Claudia Rodriguez Teacher
Contact Yara Sanchez  Yara Sanchez Teacher
Contact Dora Vasquez  Dora Vasquez Teacher
3rd Grade
Contact Diana Duron  Diana Duron Teacher
Contact Sergio Jacobo  Sergio Jacobo Teacher
Contact Raul Mendoza  Raul Mendoza Teacher
Contact Karine Nahapetyan  Karine Nahapetyan Teacher
4th Grade
Contact Federico Cordova  Federico Cordova Teacher
Contact Derin Lowry  Derin Lowry Teacher
Contact Barbara Urias  Barbara Urias Teacher
5th Grade
Contact Carolina Correa  Carolina Correa Teacher
Contact Ann Klein  Ann Klein Teacher
Contact Megan Mena  Megan Mena Teacher
Contact Karla Verdin  Karla Verdin Teacher