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Principal's Message


I believe that all children can learn when they are provided with a rich education and opportunities to achieve. I grew up in South Los Angeles not too far from 49th Street School. I chose to become an educator and to become the Principal here for several reasons. One, because I wanted to give back to a community a lot like the one I grew up in and that nurtured me. Two, because I often saw myself in many of the children who I worked with and work with today. Three, because I work with a very dynamic and dedicated group of individuals who work very hard, day in and day out, to ensure that our students receive a quality education that will ensure that every student's pipeline to college is clear. 

Parents, guardians, and community members, I applaud you for your dedication to your children. I admire your efforts and fight. I look forward to serving you and to working with you, side by side, so that together we can foster a love for learning, success, and relationship building in our children. 


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